You will never find two brews of tea with the same taste. Each brew is different because of the soil the tea leaves grow in, the altitude of the tea garden, the weather, how the leaves are picked and roasted, and of course the brewing technique. The uniqueness of each brewed tea is a gift from the Mother Nature - it reminds us to always live in the moment, to treasure the joy that life has to offer us. Just like a friend of yours, every time you come across with a good tea, you create and share a happy memory together, and you look forward to the next time you meet.

Taiwan, benefited from the island’s exceptional weather, diverse geographical feature, and almost two centuries of tea making experience, produces world renowned tea. However, the true beauty of the Taiwan tea lies in the devotion of each tea maker. This is why PureTea provides you top quality Taiwan Alpine Tea, as we devote to be your gateway to the pureness of the Taiwan brew.